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Ice Bong with Dome Perkolator RED


Ice Bong with Dome Perkolator RED



Ice Bong with Dome Perkolator

Little, handy, nice to look at glass ice with dome percolator. The colour of this is sprayed in many layers outside on the glass. The special crunch pattern is designed with a hot flame which bakes the outer layer once more.
Double cooled smoke, first through the percolator, second by the ice cubes – very mild taste, but strong impact.
With kickhole!

Material Borosilicate Glass
Colour red
Print without
Motive Crunch
Height 215mm
Diameter 83/40mm
Grind SG 14 (14,5mm)
Wall Thickness 2,5mm
Percolator / Diffuser Dome Percolator
Ice yes
Kickhole yes
Oil no
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