Kanepi õied CBD 21% REMEDY 50g *OUTLET - 100,00 €

Kanepi õied CBD 21% REMEDY 50g *OUTLET


Kanepi õied CBD 21% REMEDY 50g
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Kanepi õied CBD 21% REMEDY 

Remedy (Hybrid) on kerge kanepi tüvi, mida kasvatatakse siseruumides ja välitingimustes. Eesmärgiks on saavutada maksimaalne CBD sisaldus. Selle taimel on Cali terav CBD kanepi tüvi, millel on gaasiline varjund ja ainulaadne magus männi- ja sidrunimaitseline alatoon. Ravimeede on kanatoonika ja Afganistani Skunki ristand ja kaldub kanepilille tüvede Indica poolele.
It has an attention grabbing aroma and big, dense hemp buds that match perfectly with evening activities when you want to wind down after a long day.
The name “Remedy” is not picked at random…
Remedy is a beautiful, trichome rich strain that is a dark-ish olive green with shades of purple. The buds have a rounded shape and are relatively small and sticky to the touch. What Remedy lacks in size it more than makes up for in effect. A blissful, relaxing remedy for life’s hardships. With a sweet and softly floral aroma with hints of pine and fresh pepper, Remedy is a gift to the senses that sticks out from other strains. When you open the bag, you’ll get an instant burst of floral scents that linger and transform into tropical waves of mango and fermented fruit. Remedy has an earthy taste with a hints of citrus, pine and black pepper. The undertones are sweet and sour flavors that resemble green apples. Most people find Remedy to be very smooth and not harsh on the throat.


100% Remedy Orgaaniline kanepi õied – THC <0.2% – CBD 21% – CBG 1.4% – 2g-100g

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Weight 2-100 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm








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